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Podcast Assignment Instructions

Prof. Hangen’s Sample Podcast (Pennsylvania)

Due dates:
Podcast 1 = 10/13/11
Podcast 2 = 11/1/11
Podcast 3 = 11/29/11
Podcast 4 = 12/8/11

Helpful Links:

Audacity software

In order to export from Audacity to MP3, you also need the LAME MP3 encoder program

Instructions and Resources for Making a Podcast

Podcasting Tutorial on Youtube

A really basic 4-slide podcasting instruction manual

Mahalo, How to Podcast (you only need steps 4-7)

Basic Introduction to Podcasting and More on Podcasting (written for professors, but the info is applicable to your project too)

WikiAudacity Documentation

Imbedded audio thanks to PodPress

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