For this assignment, you need to take, and defend with evidence, a clear position on some question regarding health care in America. We will use these position papers as the basis for a class debate on Wednesday April 30.

State your position at the top of your paper in the form of a single sentence or question.

Some examples of possible positions (these are just ideas – develop your own if you like):

  • Health insurance should be a free-market system with little or no government regulation.
  • Health insurance should be paid for by the government.
  • Health care should be provided by the government.
  • All Americans citizens should be insured.
  • All people who live in the United States should be insured.
  • If universal coverage is mandated, the best way to cover everyone is to…
  • If people are making unhealthy lifestyle choices which drive up their risk/care/costs, their insurance should be limited. And that limit should be defined as…
  • Health care is a civil right.
  • Health care is not a civil right.
  • Achieving universal coverage is the highest priority of health care reform. The best way to reach that goal is…
  • Lowering/containing health care costs is the highest priority of health care reform. The best way to reach that goal is…
  • Higher health care costs are necessary as an incentive to innovation, discovery, and improvements in care. If reimbursements dropped, so would the quality of health care.

Then back up that position with evidence. You can do this in the form of a 4-5 paragraph essay, or an outline with bullet points. Use APA method to cite your sources.

The total assignment should be about 2-3 pages long.

The paper will be graded for clarity of question, use of evidence to support the position, and overall quality of thought and writing.

Note: you do not have to take “your own” position in this paper! You can argue a position with which you DISAGREE. Actually, having a variety of positions will make our debate livelier.

Some resources (of course, you don’t have to read all!) –
Health Care Reform – Top 10 Pros/Cons on
“The Case for Universal Health Care in the United States,” AMSA (American Medical Student Association), 2008
Robert A. Levy, “The Case Against President Obama’s Health Care Reform: A Primer for Nonlawyers,” Cato Institute White Paper, 2011 (12-page downloadable PDF)
NYTimes: Tracking the Affordable Care Act

And for a wider range of views, here are a few more. Note that some of these are polemical, not all are of equally good quality:
37 Reasons to Repeal Obamacare (Congressman Dave Camp)’s content on Obamacare