Journal Prompt #1

On Friday, we discussed the intro and first chapter of Loewen, Lies My Teacher Told Me. For Monday, as we agreed, please read chapters 2 (Columbus) and 6 (Lincoln/John Brown), so be sure to bring the book with you again to class.

Your first weekly journal entry is due on Monday, Sept 9th by 7am. Review the syllabus for the guidelines regarding expected length and quality of your journal entries. If you have made your portfolio by then, publish it there; be sure to email me to tell me where to find it! If not – no worries; we will take time on Wednesday 9/11 to make sure everyone is up to speed with their portfolio site, so if you haven’t been able to figure it out on your own we will work on it together as a group then. In that case, just email me the journal entry by 7 am on Monday morning and you’ll learn how to post it to your site on Wednesday.

Prompt #1 is pretty open-ended. Some ideas (choose one or more, or come up with your own):

  • Respond to our Day one activity & discuss your group’s methods and findings or reflect on what you learned about your own approach to historical puzzles like this one
  • Respond to questions or issues raised in your reading and/or our class discussion of Loewen’s first chapter
  • Provide a narrative of your previous experience with history courses or what kinds of history you like to read or research. What do “historical methods” mean to you?
  • Give me a sense of what you may want to work on for your first paper – I might be able to suggest research directions for you in the initial stages