Film as History, History on Film

On Tuesday November 21 our reading is Tom Gunning, Making Sense of Films. We will talk about film and history: historical film, how historians and filmmakers (and perhaps other categories – news media? YouTube users?) use film and the moving image to craft historical narratives and interpretations, documentaries, and films that made history (in the dual sense of the word).

Note: there is no journal post this week

Links for Tuesday:

Reel American History (Lehigh University)
Library of Congress National Film Registry
Brief History of Film (5 min)
1906 Trolley Ride Down Market St, San Francisco (10 min)
Lumiere Brothers Early Films (12 min)
Great Train Robbery (1903) – guitar score + colorization (10.30 min)
Trailer: THEM! (1954) 3 min
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (1966) shootout scene (4:32 min)
“Negro Space Programme” parody in Ken Burns style (10:25 min)
A Long Shot (Atonement, 2007) 5 min