Public History

On Thursday 11/30, we will be joined by a special guest, Christopher Davis. Davis works as a costumed historical interpreter at the Boston Tea Party Museum and will be speaking to us about his experiences as a “living history” public historian.

In preparation, please read Williams Ch 17 and Loewen Ch 10. Reminder, Journal #10 is due on Friday.

Welcome to Fall 2017 Historian’s Craft!

This is the website for Dr. Hangen’s HI 411-01 The Historian’s Craft for Fall 2017, which meets Tues / Thurs from 1:00 – 2:15 in Sullivan room 318.

The course is designed for history majors and minors, to give you a place to explore and strengthen your skills in historical methods, new research techniques, and writing in the discipline of history. At the end of the course you will be prepared to advance in your historical studies with confidence. I have taught HI 411 before, so the older information is still here on the website for the benefit of former students. You can safely ignore anything not tagged “Fall17.”