This site is designed to provide peer-to-peer professional development in the department of History and Political Science at Worcester State University (Worcester, Massachusetts). It offers a permanent resource on pedagogy, course and syllabus design for instructors of in-class, blended, and online 100-level courses in our two disciplines.

The site was created by Tona Hangen, Department Chair, in 2017-2018, with an Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) grant from the Worcester State University Library.

It contains the following modules:

Foundational Concepts

Course and Syllabus Design

Textbooks and Readings

Assignments, Exams and Rubrics

Using Blackboard

Teaching Blended or Online Courses

Course-Specific Resources (World Civ v. US History v. Political Science)

Work through the modules at your own pace in order, or jump to the ones that best suit your needs.