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Week 12: Gulf War, Racial Gulfs

April 9th, 2010

Reminder: write and submit a bill! Your deadline is Monday at midnight. Please, a maximum of 2 co-sponsors to a bill. Click here for the downloadable template. See the ones already uploaded here.

(32) Mon 4/12 Gulf War I
Reading: HOT 393-417 = Herring
Background reading: Moss 266-272 / GML 1001-1003
In-class link: Countdown to War (PBS Frontline), “Virtual War” (PBS On the Media 4/10/10)

(33) Wed 4/14 Congress Day 6
Committee hearings and legislative debate on your bills, and hopefully some votes (unless there’s a filibuster)

(34) Fri 4/16 The Clinton Years & the OJ Trial
Reading: Chronology of the Clinton impeachment trial, and view a 10-min segment of PBS Frontline on the OJ Verdict, “The Trial, Everything, is About Race” (Part Four).
Background reading: Moss 273-283/ GML 1003-1033

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