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History CSI

(27) Tues 4/27 World War II
Reading: GML 22 (796-807) “Fighting World War II”

(28) Thurs 4/29 The Home Front(s)
Reading: GML 22 (807-815) “The Home Front” and (818-832) “The American Dilemma”

(29) Tues 5/4 Toward Postwar America
Reading: GML 22 (815-818) “Visions of Postwar Freedom” and (832-837) “The End of the War”
Mini-Lab #5 is due in class (Oral History)
In-class link: Murrow at Buchenwald, “Duck and Cover” (1951)

Sites for MiniLab #5:
Private Art’s War
WW2 Narratives in the Rutgers Oral History Archive
JARDA – Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive (Navigate to Personal Experiences –> Words and Writing)

Tues 5/11 Exam #3 (Ch 21-22) 12:30 pm – Study Guide here

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Going Beyond Texts

(25) Tues 4/20 The New Deal(s) – class cancelled – we will discuss these readings on Thursday
Reading: GML 21 (756-775) “The First New Deal,” “The Grassroots Revolt” and “The Second New Deal”
In-class link: FDR’s Inaugural Address 1932, “If FDR Had Done Nothing” (NPR Planet Money podcast – 11 minutes long), Huey Long in the 1930s, Remembering the Kingfish

(26) Thurs 4/22 Limits of the New Deal + Tuesday’s bumped readings
Reading: GML 21 (776-795) “A Reckoning with Liberty,” “The Limits of Change” and “A New Conception of America”
Mini-Lab #4 is due in class (“Listening In”)

Links for the Mini-Lab #4:

Option 1: Jazz

Option 2: Radio’s Golden Age

One day on radio (21 Sept 1939)

Old Time Radio


Mercury Theater of the Air

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What’s in a Name?

(23) Tues 4/13 The Great Depression
Reading: GML 20 (748-755) “the Great Depression”
In-class link: “Great Depression“, Historic Downturns (Newsweek)

(24) Thurs 4/15 Exam #2 (Ch 18-20)
Study Guide Here (pdf)

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The Past is a Foreign Country

(21) Tues 4/6 The Roaring Twenties
Reading: GML 20 (719-735) “The Business of America” and “Business and Government”

(22) Thurs 4/8 Civil Liberties, Culture Wars
Reading: GML 20 (735-748) “The Birth of Civil Liberties” and “The Culture Wars”

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Selective Memory

(19) Tues 3/30 Women Get the Vote, and Other Constitution-quakes
Reading: Kobach, “Woman Suffrage and the Nineteenth Amendment” and “Votes For Women” Broadside
In-class links: “March to the Mailbox” 2010 Census Ad; “Target Women: Suffrage

(20)Thurs 4/1 Suffragists on Film – Research Paper Due in class
Reading: none

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Interpreting Documents

(17) Tues 3/23 World War I Homefront
Reading: GML 19 (690-700) “The War at Home”
In-class links: “Over There”

(18) Thurs 3/25 Americanism; 1919
Reading: GML 19 (700-718) “Who is an American?” and “1919”
Draft of Research Paper is due for Peer Review

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Make History

(14) Thurs 3/4 The Progressive City
Reading: GML 18 (637-661) “Urban Age and Consumer Society” and “Varieties of Progressivism”
Digital Project Update – project progress is due, or make an appointment with me if you don’t have a project

(15) Tues 3/9 Progressive Politics
Reading: GML 18 (661-677) “The Politics of Progressivism” and “Progressive Presidents”
In-class link: TR and Muir in Yosemite (PBS)

(16) Thurs 3/11 The Great War
Reading: GML 19 (678-689) “An Era of Intervention” and “America and the Great War”
Digital Project Due in class
In-class link: Winsor McCay’s Lusitania (1918)

3/15 – 3/19 Spring Break

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On the Wrong Side of History

(11) Tues 2/23 Segregation and Racism
Reading: GML 17 (608-616) “The Segregated South”
In-class link: Wrong Side of History, Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896

(12) Thurs 2/25 Nativism and Imperialism
Reading: GML 17 (617-636) “Redrawing the Boundaries” and “Becoming a World Power”
In-class link: “Great American Melting Pot,” Chinese in California 1850-1925 digital archive

(13) Tues 3/2 Exam #1 (Ch 15-17)
Study Guide here [PDF]

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When Sources Disagree

(9) Tues 2/16 The Gilded Age
Reading: GML 16 (579-596) “Politics in a Gilded Age” and “Freedom in the Gilded Age” and “Labor in the Republic”

(10) Thurs 2/18 Populism
Reading: GML 17 (597-608) “The Populist Challenge”
Mini-Lab #3 (Newspapers) is due in class
In-class links: Populism 1/21/10, Hardrock mining, Cross of Gold speech

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Places to go for historical news articles

For Mini-Lab #3, you will compare two journalists’ accounts from old newspapers or magazines. The paper’s due on Thursday 2/18, but you should start on it early, because the research will take some time online.

Basically you have two options. Option #1 = choose an event that took place between 1865 and 1900, and find TWO articles from that time period about the event, each from a different newspaper. Print each article to attach them to your paper.

Option #2 = choose one chapter of Jacob Riis’s book How the Other Half Lives, which is placed on 2-hour reserve at the College library circulation desk, and then find ONE newspaper article that fits with it, from about the same time period.

Old newspaper articles can be searched in the following links:

Boston Public Library –> Electronic Resources –> Newspapers –> Boston Globe (1872-1926). You will need an e-Card number, which you can sign up for online, under “My Account.”

New York Times Archive. Use the Search box, and specify “All results since 1851.” You can narrow the search by date or year, if you are searching for something that happened on a particular day, under “Advanced Search.”

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1841-1955)

Harper’s Weekly

You can use any of the old magazines from the Cornell University’s “Making of America” online collection

Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection (1859-1923) – same kind of search engine as the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Library of Congress “Chronicling America” historic newspapers (1880-1922)

California Digital Newspaper Collection

Quincy, Illinois Historical Newspaper Archive (1835-1919)

The Harvard Crimson (starts in 1873)

Sioux County, Nebraska, Newspaper Archives (1872 to the present)

Wyoming Newspaper Project

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