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Week 14: Terror, American Style

April 23rd, 2010

Exam #3 Study Guide now available

(37) Mon 4/26 Waco, Homegrown Terror
Background reading: Moss 283-285/ GML 1030, 1040

(38) Wed 4/28 9/11 and Afterbring Chafe
Reading: HOT 418-438 Coates/Vok, 9/11 Commission
Background reading: Moss 296-298/GML 1038-1048, 1054-1059
In-class links: Sept 11 Digital Archive, Powell’s speech before the UN (2/6/2003)

(39) Fri 4/30 “Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia” (–The Princess Bride) – bring Chafe
Reading: HOT 429-436 = Bush, Sheehan
Background reading: Moss 299-309/ GML 1048-1054
In-class links: costofwar.com, Sworn in with a Quran, America’s Toughest Sheriff, Arizona Ranchers Worry, New Arizona Law 4/28 and Public Agenda’s 2009 survey of immigrants (all via NPR)

Note: Please check the “End of Term” Info on the Congress Wiki about your Congress project paper, due at (or before) the final exam.
…and remember, your Little Paper #5 is due on May 3rd.

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