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Welcome! This course covers the period of time from the end of the Civil War through the Second World War. Topics to be discussed include Reconstruction; immigration; labor and reform movements; expansion of the nation into the American West; conflict with Native American tribes and the development of Indian reservations; American imperialism and colonialism; segregation and African-American activism and culture; the Progressive Era and First World War; 1920s cultural, political and literary history; the Great Depression; and the Second World War abroad and on the homefront. The course will also cover relevant aspects of the US and Massachusetts state constitutions, in accordance with MA General Laws, Chapter 73, Section 2A and fulfills the college’s “Constitutions” requirement.

In this course you will learn information about the past, but more importantly, you will learn about the craft of doing history. This is more of a history “lab” course than a lecture course. You will become familiar with multimedia and digital resources for historical research, as well as more traditional archival and print resources in the library. You will hone your writing and critical thinking skills. You should expect to be actively involved in your own learning and will begin the process of contributing to the field as budding historians.

HI112, Section 07 Spring 2010
TR 11:30, Room S-120

Professor Contact Info:

Dr. Tona Hangen
Department of History and Political Science
Worcester State College
Sullivan 327, 486 Chandler Street
Worcester MA 01602

ph: x8688
e: thangen (at) = preferred way to contact me