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Week 6: Civil Rights Movement(s)

February 19th, 2010

(14) Mon 2/22 Johnson, Great Society
Reading: HOT 94-114 = Johnson, Schulman
Background reading: Moss 113-125 / GML 922-929
In-class link: 1964 Daisy Ad

(15) Wed 2/24 Civil Rights and Racial JusticeNo class – another Wednesday snow day!
We will postpone today’s reading and discussion to Friday, and bump Friday’s material onto Monday. *Remember to be preparing for next Wednesday’s Congress Day 3 by researching what your committee did (or wanted to do) during the 1960s and be ready to brief each other during committee work.

Reading for Friday 2/26: HOT 115-136 = Brown, Declaration, Moody, Chafe
Background reading: Moss 83-85, 102-106/ GML 899-909, 914-929
In-class link: MLK, “I Have a Dream” 28 Aug 1963

(16) for Mon 3/1 Many Civil Rights Movements
Reading: HOT 137-162 = Rustin, Black Panthers, Rosales, Indians of All Tribes
Background reading: Moss 139-143/ GML 929-933

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