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Week 7: the Sixties

February 26th, 2010

(17) Mon 3/1 Many Civil Rights Movements
Reading: HOT 137-162 = Rustin, Black Panthers, Rosales, Indians of All Tribes
Background reading: Moss 139-143/ GML 929-933

(18) Wed 3/3 Congress Day 3
Civil rights legislation will be on the table, and protesters may be outside in the streets.
In-class link: Summer of 1968, LBJ’s We Shall Overcome

(19) Fri 3/5 1968 – Talkin’ About a Revolution (Little Paper #3 due)
Reading online: Take a look at this PBS “Shock Year 1968” interactive timeline for overall context, and read Terry Southern “Groovin in Chi,Esquire magazine, 11/68. In HOT read 163-197 = DeHart, NOW, Morgan, Vasquez, Schlafly
Background reading: Moss 143-151/ GML 943-956

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