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Week 9: Watergate and Wide Ties

March 12th, 2010

3/15-3/19 Spring Break

(23) Mon 3/22 Watergate
Reading: HOT 287-311 = Schrag, McQuaid
Background reading: Moss 154-169/ GML 957-970
Handout in class: Exam #2 Study Guide [pdf]
In-class link: Health Care Bill News

(24) Wed 3/24 Congress Day 4
President Richard Milhous Nixon stands accused of high crimes and misdemeanors. How will you respond?
In-class link: “I am Not a Crook” (11/17/1973), the Watergate Files, Barbara Jordan, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” before the House Judiciary Committee 7/25/1974 (Part Two here), the HJC Vote

(25) Fri 3/26 The 1970s
Reading: HOT 312-330 = Farber, “Crisis of Confidence”
Background reading: Moss 171-219/ GML 971-986
In-class link: Iranian Revolution; Hostage Crisis

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