Welcome! This course covers from the end of Reconstruction (1877) to the present. The course will also cover relevant aspects of the US and Massachusetts state constitutions, in accordance with MA General Laws, Chapter 73, Section 2A.

For LASC, it is approved in the “Constitutions” (CON) or “US and its Role in the World” (USW) categories.
If you are a History major or minor, it is one of your 100-level required courses (no LASC credit).
This is a 3-credit* course.

The way I teach it, this course is less about coverage than uncoverage, i.e. developing the craft of doing history. This is more of a history “lab” course than a lecture course. You will become familiar with multimedia and digital resources for historical research, as well as more traditional text sources. You will hone your writing and critical thinking skills. You should expect to be actively involved in your own learning and will begin the process of contributing to the field as budding historians. Even though it is intro-level, it is designed to be a challenging college course, so do not expect an easy A. Click on the SLOs tab to see the Student Learning Outcomes.

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*By University definition:
Federal regulation defines a credit hour as an amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement that is an institutional established equivalence that reasonably approximates not less than –

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