The Cold War, 1945-1961 Ch 24 (April 1-5)

by Dr. H - March 31st, 2019

The learning objectives for this week include:

  • Explain the origins of the Cold War
  • Identify how the overall strategy of containment changed between 1948 and 1953, and explain in particular how the Korean War affected US Cold War strategy and presidential power
  • Analyze the effects of the Cold War on domestic policy
  • Evaluate how the Eisenhower administration managed containment throughout the world

Mon, April 1: Document Workshop on Ch 24, McCarthyism and the Hollywood Ten. Bring textbook to work with in class. Preparation Worksheet. Chapter 24 Study Questions.

Links for Monday – HUAC and Hollywood / HUAC Backlash and Implications / Red Channels (NPR)

Wed, April 3: Reading is Ch 24, opening of the Cold War, to p. 808. PSA 6 due.

Fri, April 5: Reading is rest of Ch 24. Exam #3 Study Guide will be handed out, along with the Document Workshop Preparation sheet for Monday and the Chapter 25 Study Questions.

Links for Friday: Nuclear Detonation Timeline animation 1945-1998 / Duck and Cover (1951) / THEM! (1954)

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