Troubled Innocence, 1945-1961 Ch 25 (April 8-10)

by Dr. H - April 7th, 2019

Learning Objectives for this week include:

  • Explain the problems of converting from World War II to peacetime and discuss the causes and effects of the postwar economic boom
  • Analyze how the 1950s popular culture reflected the expanding consumer-oriented economy and explain the challenges to mainstream culture posted by teenagers, women, and the Beat generation
  • Explore the growth of the civil rights movement and identify the strategies used to challenge segregation and discrimination in the 1950s
  • Discuss the impact of President Eisenhower’s domestic policies and accomplishments on the Republican Party and the nation

Chapter 25 Study Questions

Mon, April 8: Document Workshop Ch 25. Reading: Ch 25 up to p. 836 Document Workshop preparation worksheet. Bring textbook to class.

Links for Today: “Take Me Back to the Fifties” / Two Ford Family (1950) / Blackboard Jungle (1954) / Rebel Without a Cause (1956) / 1954 Kefauver Hearings on comic books and juvenile delinquency

Wed, April 10: The 1950s. Reading: Ch 25, rest of chapter

Fri, April 12: Exam #3, covering Chapters 22-25.  Exam 3 Study Guide

Levittown, Long Island, 1950s

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