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Make History

(14) Thurs 3/4 The Progressive City
Reading: GML 18 (637-661) “Urban Age and Consumer Society” and “Varieties of Progressivism”
Digital Project Update – project progress is due, or make an appointment with me if you don’t have a project

(15) Tues 3/9 Progressive Politics
Reading: GML 18 (661-677) “The Politics of Progressivism” and “Progressive Presidents”
In-class link: TR and Muir in Yosemite (PBS)

(16) Thurs 3/11 The Great War
Reading: GML 19 (678-689) “An Era of Intervention” and “America and the Great War”
Digital Project Due in class
In-class link: Winsor McCay’s Lusitania (1918)

3/15 – 3/19 Spring Break

Posted in Spring 2010.