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Going Beyond Texts

(25) Tues 4/20 The New Deal(s) – class cancelled – we will discuss these readings on Thursday
Reading: GML 21 (756-775) “The First New Deal,” “The Grassroots Revolt” and “The Second New Deal”
In-class link: FDR’s Inaugural Address 1932, “If FDR Had Done Nothing” (NPR Planet Money podcast – 11 minutes long), Huey Long in the 1930s, Remembering the Kingfish

(26) Thurs 4/22 Limits of the New Deal + Tuesday’s bumped readings
Reading: GML 21 (776-795) “A Reckoning with Liberty,” “The Limits of Change” and “A New Conception of America”
Mini-Lab #4 is due in class (“Listening In”)

Links for the Mini-Lab #4:

Option 1: Jazz

Option 2: Radio’s Golden Age

One day on radio (21 Sept 1939)

Old Time Radio


Mercury Theater of the Air

Posted in Spring 2010.