Workshop Day 2/26

by Dr. H - February 25th, 2014

Today, in groups, you’ll be working with documents from Chapter 20 about the national debate over imperialism / anti-imperialism. Each group will receive the same blank newspaper template as a Google doc. To work on your paper, click on your assigned group; Google automatically saves any changes you make to the document. More than one person can work on your document at the same time.

Update: the documents are now viewable, but no longer editable. Thanks for all the good work in class today!

Group 1: The Worcester Post Group 2: The Impirical Group 3: The Worcester Teller
Group 4: The American Journal Group 5: Louisiana Standard Group 6: One World Press

By the end of class, your group needs to edit your newspaper like a team of true “yellow journalists” of the time, including the following:

  • give your paper a made-up name
  • replace “Headline 1” with an article (as much in the historical style as you can) reporting on an event described in Ch 20. Remember that news reporting in that time period was *not* necessarily neutral or objective!
  • replace “Headline 2” with an article giving response/reaction on the event using “on the record” quotes from the original documents
  • write a letter to the editor providing a realistic alternative / opposing opinion (you can use the letter on p. 650 as a model)
  • insert a photograph or political cartoon FROM THE TIME to illustrate your newspaper’s editorial point of view

Some links you might find helpful:
The World of 1898 (Library of Congress)
America 1900 (PBS)
World War I Posters (Indianapolis Public Library)

To locate historic images, try a Google search for terms like these, then limit the search results to images, or add the word “cartoon” to the end of your search string

war of 1898
philippine-american war
us wilson veracruz
zimmerman telegram
panama canal
hawaiian annexation
cuban independence

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