Unit 4: US since the 1950s

by Dr. H - April 13th, 2018

In our last unit, we explore the history of the United States since the 1950s. This unit includes a final Skillbuilder, Constitutions Module #3, and a project about American recent history, due on May 4.

Exam #4 (not a final, just the 4th unit exam) will take place on Monday May 14 at 8:30 in Eager Auditorium.

Link from Wednesday, April 11 – “Two Ford Family” commercial

Handout for Wednesday, April 11 – Questions for Chapter 25

Link from Friday, April 13 – Eyes on the Prize, Part I (it’s a 6-part series, highly recommended viewing)

Link for Wednesday, April 18 – Excerpt from JFK Inaugural speech and Sam Cooke, Change Gonna Come

Links for Wednesday, April 25 – All in the Family and Foner on Conservatism

Links for Monday, April 30 – George HW Bush Defines “New World Order” (Sept 1990) and Interactive Map of 200 Years of US Military Deployments (ABC News Australia)

Guidelines for History Now Project (topic due Mon 4/30, project due Fri 5/4)

Link for Wednesday, May 2 – “The World in a TShirt” project (NPR / Planet Money)

Link for Friday, May 4 – George W. Bush Addresses the Nation on 9/11/01 and Obama 2016 WHCD

Supplemental Reading for Monday May 7: The Culture Wars Are Dead and Bill Gates on How the World Will Change by 2030

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