Tona Hangen

Essays and Articles

Historical Roundtable: Studying Religion and Media,” with John P. Ferre, Peter G. Horsfield, and Mark Silk. Historiography in Mass Communication 2017. Nov 3 (5): 35-47.

Performing Trek: Becoming ‘Pioneer Children’ in the Digital Age,” Mormon History Association, 6/10/2015

Historical Digital Literacy, One Classroom at a Time,” Journal of American History, March 2015 101 (4): 1192-1203.

State of the Digital Union,” for Simmons College Graduate program in History and Archives Management, 2/11/2015

The Future of Books, The Future of Libraries,” for Worcester Art Museum ReDesign: Libraries Event, 5/3/2013 (blog post with linked footnotes)

The Changing Face of America and the Most Important Law You’ve Never Heard Of,” for Worcester Humanities Scholars Collaborative, 4/6/2011 (slides and links)

On the Wrong Side of History? Taking Sides in School Desegregation, 1954-1976,” for Worcester Humanities Scholars Collaborative, 4/7/2010 (slides and links)

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