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Worcester State Courses, 2008-present

Surveys and Departmental Courses
HI 112 US History II, 1877-present Every semester since Fall 2010
“old” HI 112 US History II, 1877-1945 (Spring 2010 and before)
HI 113 US History III, 1945-present Spring 2009/ Spring 2010
HI 411 The Historian’s Craft (History Major/Minor Methods Course)
HI 460 Senior Research Seminar (History Major Capstone)

First Year Seminars
The Fifties (Honors, Fall 2013)
American Carnival (Honors, Fall 2010 and Fall 2014)
Roadside America (Honors, Fall 2009 and Fall 2011)
Radio History (Fall 2008)

Elective Courses
HI 203 The US Since 1945
HI 207 American West: Myth and Reality
HI 215 History of American Thought
HI 217 US Social History
HI 290 Health and Healing in America
HI/PO 320 Citizen Nation
HI 345 Religions in America
US Constitutional History Since 1877 (HI 990 Graduate course)
Intro to Digital Humanities (under development)

Brandeis University Courses, 2006-2008

US Women’s History 1600-1865, Spring 2008
Native American History, Spring 2008
Images of the American West in Film and Culture (American Studies), Fall 2007
US History I, Fall 2007
Radio in American Culture (American Studies), Spring 2007
Religions in America (American Studies), Spring 2006

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