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Worcester State University (2008-present)

HI 112: US History II, 1877-present

HI 112: US History II, 1877-1945 (“old,” now replaced by HI 112 1877-present)

HI 113: US History III, 1945-present (now replaced by HI 203, see below)

HI 193 = First Year Seminar in History *Honors

HI 411 The Historian’s Craft (2011-2017, replaced by HI 200)

HI 460 Senior Research Seminar in History (Capstone)


Elective Courses

HI 203 The United States Since 1945

HI 207 American West: Myth and Reality

HI 215: History of American Thought

HI 217: US Social History

HI 290: Health and Healing in America

HI/PO 320: Citizen Nation

HI 345: Religions in America


Brandeis University (2005-2008)

AMST 111a: Images of the American West in Film and Culture, Fall 2007
AMST 135b: Radio in American Culture, Spring 2007
AMST 168b: Religions in America, Spring 2006
AMST 168b: Religions in America, Spring 2005
HIST 117a: Native American History, Spring 2008
HIST 154b: US Women’s History 1600-1865, Spring 2008
HIST 51a: US History I, Fall 2007

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