Tona Hangen

“The Changing Face of America”

Worcester-area Public Schools Humanities Scholars Collaborative, April 6, 2011
9-10:30 am, Worcester State College North/South Auditorium

Theme: Painting by Numbers: America’s Changing Portrait
Presenters: Dr. Tona Hangen (History), Dr. Aldo Garcia Guevara (History), Dr. Cynthia Enloe (Political Science, Clark University)

Talk: “The Changing Face of America and the Most Important Law You’ve Never Heard Of” (PDF)

Cover of Time Magazine, 18 November 1993Reading:
Pico Iyer, “The Global Village Finally Arrives,” TIME Magazine, 2 December 1993
Scott London, “The Face of Tomorrow: Reflections on Diversity in America,” Scott London (Blog), 1998

Media Clips:
TIME Cover, November 18, 1993
Jennifer Ludden for All Things Considered, “1965 Immigration Law Changed the Face of America,” 9 May 2006


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