Tona Hangen

MKramer Genius Project

In April 2015, media and communications / networking / web awesomeness guru Melody Kramer dreamed up the “Genius Project.” She paired random readers of her newsletter and invited them to connect–somehow–and collaborate on something they discover a mutual passion about.

I had the fortune to be paired with Veronica Berns (@squirrelchomp), a solid-state chemist who had an additional claim to fame besides defending a recent PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison: she’d turned her dissertation into a comic book as an innovative way of explaining it to non-scientists. During our lively Skype discussion, we decided we both have a passion for translating our disciplinary work for general audiences. Despite the obvious differences between what she studies and what I study, many of the underlying issues and concerns were identical. We both wanted to communicate effectively What We Actually Do and Why it Matters.

Veronica then cartoonized our collaboration brilliantly. Amazing.

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