Unit 3 – World War II, Cold War

by Dr. H - March 19th, 2018

Welcome back from Spring Break! This week we will study World War II (Chapter 23), and your Evidence-Based Paper is due on Friday, March 30. Next week we explore how the Cold War began (Chapter 24). The Unit 3 test is on Monday April 9 in Sullivan Room 320.

You don’t need to bring your book to class on our two Document Workshop days – I’ll have documents to hand out in class for us to work from.

Handout: Chapter 23 Questions (World War II)

Handout: Atlantic Charter / Everybody’s War (Mon, March 26) – Link to Film “Everybody’s War“. Link to “The Power of Art” about the Guernica painting

Handout: Executive Order 9066 (Wed, March 28)

Links: 99% Invisible Podcast “Manzanar” on Japanese internment camps; VE Day from BBC (1945, as read in 1995, 10 min); End of WW2 (AP Archive, 3 min); American Experience, “America and the Holocaust” (1.5 hours)

Handout: Chapter 24 Questions (Cold War)

Exam 3 Study Guide – Exam is on April 9 in Room S-320

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