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Unit 6 Test on Wednesday

Class is cancelled today because of severe weather, so here is what we will do about the test: we will go to “online course mode.” The test will be available as a Word document on Blackboard and on the course blog at 10:00 am today, and your completed exam will be due back in my Digital Dropbox by 12:30 pm.


Prof. Hangen

This test will look at the West from the mid-20th century until now, considering its importance as a region that relies heavily on tourism, a region that possesses vast tracts of federally-controlled or public lands (including the majority of the national parks), and a region that has been economically and ecologically stressed by rapid population growth and urban development.

You will want to review the readings for this unit, and any class notes. There will not be a map portion of this exam.

See you Wednesday!

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