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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Unit 3 (10/2 – 10/19): Go West

Some of this unit will be familiar to you – settlers, railroads, pioneers, ranchers, cowboys – but some of it will, I hope, give you a fresh perspective on the experience of going West, and will expand your notion of who peopled the historic West. In this unit, we will use Limerick’s Legacy of Conquest […]

Note about Unit 2 Test

The Unit 2 test on Wed 9/30 will be in two parts. You should bring your copy of Our Hearts Fell to the Ground. Part One will be closed-book. Review Legacy of Conquest Ch 6-7, identifying key dates, events, episodes, and concepts. Consider how it changes your mental geography of the American West to see […]

Unit 2 (9/18 – 9/30): Look East

In this unit we focus on several case studies of Indian encounters with Ango-European settlers, explorers, and military force. The goal of this unit is to see these encounters, as much as possible, from the Native American point of view. Our text for this unit will be Colin Calloway’s Our Hearts Fell to the Ground, […]

Book Alert

Just a reminder, our first Unit test is next Wednesday 9/16. Starting next Friday 9/18 we will be using Colin Calloway’s book Our Hearts Fell to the Ground for all 5 class sessions of Unit 2. You will need it before next Friday so you can start reading it, and you’ll need to bring it […]