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Mythbuster – General Custer and the Little Bighorn: Hero or Glory-hound?

Throughout history heroes are born, whether it is through bravery, courage, or even myth. Certain men and women stand out in historical significance as a result of their heroism. General Custer is no different, as many of his feats have been portrayed in a way which most people consider heroic. Rough on the edges, and […]

Everything I Know About the Alamo I Learned From John Wayne: Busting the Myth of Hollywood’s Alamo

One event in our American history often shrouded by myth and legend, is the 1836 siege of the Alamo Misión San Antonio de Valero, most commonly known as just the Alamo. On February 23rd, the Mexican army under the command of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, had laid siege to the Alamo and the […]