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Unit 6 Test – due by 12:30 pm 12/9

Here’s the test for Wednesday, December 9. Download and then type directly into this Word document. Your answers do not have to fit into the space provided; you can expand the space as needed. When you are done, save the document with your last name in the title, and upload it to Digital Dropbox on […]

Unit 6 Test on Wednesday

Class is cancelled today because of severe weather, so here is what we will do about the test: we will go to “online course mode.” The test will be available as a Word document on Blackboard and on the course blog at 10:00 am today, and your completed exam will be due back in my […]


Owen Wister’s 1902 novel The Virginian is the key to understanding the genre of American Western literature. Everything prior to it wasn’t truly “the Western” yet, and everything since draws on it, refers to it, was shaped by it, or defines itself against it. In this unit, we’ve read some “pre-Virginian” literature, and we’ll read […]

Overland Trails Map (in color)

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