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Mythbuster: John Dillinger

Many believe that John Dillinger was a type of “Robin Hood” thief, or a romantic outlaw. Many people devastated by the depression praised Dillinger as someone who “robbed those who became rich for robbing the poor” (FBI). He helped many poor people escape unrealistic payments by burning their mortgage papers and even became known as […]

Mythbuster: Wild Bill Hickok

James Butler Hickok was born on May 27th 1837 and was later known as “Wild Bill” Hickok. He is a legend of the old American west and was known for being a scout, a great marksman, and a lawman. In his later years he became a professional gambler, drank a lot and often got into […]

Mythbuster – The Winchester 73

The Winchester repeating rifle model 1873 has been billed for years as “the rifle which won the west”. But what was left to be won by the year 1873? The transcontinental railroad had connected the coasts and divided the continent in twain [1], the great bison herd had been divided and the great Indians tribes […]

Mythbuster – Cowboys: Are They More than Rodeo Entertainers and Gun Slingers?

When most people hear the term cowboy, the first thing that pops into their mind is rodeos. If that is not the case then they think of old western movies, notorious for gun fights, with Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid or Doc Holiday. Cowboys were more than rodeo participants, and more often than not, they […]