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Unit 3 (10/2 – 10/19): Go West

Some of this unit will be familiar to you – settlers, railroads, pioneers, ranchers, cowboys – but some of it will, I hope, give you a fresh perspective on the experience of going West, and will expand your notion of who peopled the historic West. In this unit, we will use Limerick’s Legacy of Conquest as our main text. You should bring it to each class (except on 10/7 and 10/14) so we can use it in discussion.

Unit 3 Timeline PDF here (handed out in class on Mon 10/5)

Update after Friday 10/2 class: Yes, there is more reading in this unit than in the last one. Be aware of that, and plan accordingly. I do recommend that you take the time to outline the chapter of Limerick that we will be discussing for each day. It will help you read more carefully and thoughtfully and will help prepare you to contribute intelligently in discussion because you will have more to say about the reading. It’s just a good skill to have and a good habit to develop. I am even willing to collect them each day and to provide some brief written feedback on them as a way to help you gauge your reading comprehension, which in turn will help you absorb and think critically about the material in this unit. The goal here is not to “get a good grade on the test” (although that would be a nice collateral bonus); the goal is for you to understand the topics, evidences, and events of the past in a deeper and more self-directed way. Outlining is one tool to do that. So: outline if you wish (it’s not required), and turn them in if you want my feedback (also not required).

13. Fri 10/2 The West as American Frontier
Reading: LQ Ch 1 “Empire of Innocence”

14. Mon 10/5 Trails and Homes on the Range
Reading: LQ Ch 2 “Property Values”
In-class links: “In Pursuit of a Dream,” Overland Trail Diaries, Over-land.com

15. Wed 10/7 One Homesteader’s Life
Reading: Rachel Calof’s Story (entire – bring this book to class)

16. Fri 10/9 Promontory Point
Reading: LQ Ch 4 “Uncertain Enterprises”

Mon 10/12 No Class

17. Wed 10/14 Western Towns
Reading: Mary Murphy, “Private Lives of Public Women: Prostitution in Butte, Montana 1878-1917” [pdf]

18. Fri 10/16 Multicultural West
Reading: LQ Ch 8 “Racialism on the Run”

19. Mon 10/19 Unit 3 Test

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