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Unit 6 Test on Wednesday

Class is cancelled today because of severe weather, so here is what we will do about the test: we will go to “online course mode.” The test will be available as a Word document on Blackboard and on the course blog at 10:00 am today, and your completed exam will be due back in my […]

Note about Unit 2 Test

The Unit 2 test on Wed 9/30 will be in two parts. You should bring your copy of Our Hearts Fell to the Ground. Part One will be closed-book. Review Legacy of Conquest Ch 6-7, identifying key dates, events, episodes, and concepts. Consider how it changes your mental geography of the American West to see […]

Book Alert

Just a reminder, our first Unit test is next Wednesday 9/16. Starting next Friday 9/18 we will be using Colin Calloway’s book Our Hearts Fell to the Ground for all 5 class sessions of Unit 2. You will need it before next Friday so you can start reading it, and you’ll need to bring it […]