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Unit 6 (11/30 – 12/9): Go West Again, This Time as a Tourist

In this unit we scrutinize the imagined West within the real West in our own time – how do they overlap for tourists, recreationists, and visitors? We look at the contradictions and ironies in the burgeoning tourist industry in the West of the mid-20th century to today.

34. Mon 11/30 West for Sale
Reading: explore the website for “Rawhide” in Scottsdale AZ

35. Wed 12/2 Museums and National Parks
Reading: WOE Ch 9, “At the Buffalo Bill Museum”

36. Fri 12/4 Roads and Highways
Reading: Susan Sessions Rugh, “Western Adventure” in Are We There Yet? The Golden Age of American Family Vacations [pdf]

37. Mon 12/7 A Trip Down the Colorado River
Reading: Gretchen Reynolds, “On Lake Powell: Kayaking a Reemerging Canyon” in National Geographic Adventure, Aug 2003.

38. Wed 12/9 Unit 6 Test

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