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Unit 2 (9/18 – 9/30): Look East

In this unit we focus on several case studies of Indian encounters with Ango-European settlers, explorers, and military force. The goal of this unit is to see these encounters, as much as possible, from the Native American point of view. Our text for this unit will be Colin Calloway’s Our Hearts Fell to the Ground, as well as selected chapters of Patricia Nelson Limerick, Legacy of Conquest. During this unit, please bring Calloway’s Our Hearts Fell to the Ground (OHFG) to class each day. Limerick’s Legacy of Conquest (LQ) is for your background reading and her material will be on the Unit test, but you don’t need to bring her book to class.

7. Fri 9/18 The West as Indian Homeland
Reading: LQ Intro and OHFG Intro (pp. 1-31)

8. Mon 9/21 America the Borderland and Winter Counts
Reading: LQ Ch 7 and OHFG Ch 1-3

9. Wed 9/23 Sand Creek
Reading: OHFG Ch 5-8

10. Fri 9/25 Little Bighorn
Reading: OHFG Ch 9, 10, 11 and 13

11. Mon 9/28 The Persistence of Natives
Reading: LQ Ch 6 and OHFG Ch 14 plus Epilogue and Chronology

12. Wed 9/30 Unit 2 Test

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