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Note about Unit 2 Test

The Unit 2 test on Wed 9/30 will be in two parts. You should bring your copy of Our Hearts Fell to the Ground.

Part One will be closed-book. Review Legacy of Conquest Ch 6-7, identifying key dates, events, episodes, and concepts. Consider how it changes your mental geography of the American West to see it as a Hispanic borderland. Look at the ways that Native Americans have persisted long after many 19th century romanticists and humanitarians had written them off. Review OHFG, especially Calloway’s introductory essay, the map of Plains Indians tribes on p. 4, and the chronology on p. 209-210. Be able to explain any of the events on the chronology, when they happened, and how they connect or relate to other events on the timeline.

Part Two will be open-book using the OHFG document book. You’ll answer an essay question using specific evidence drawn from the primary documents. To study for this part, review the documents themselves that you’ve read for this unit, consider their strengths and limitations (ie what we can know from them, and what we can’t know), and imagine what kind of essay question each one might be useful to answer.

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